A walk on Ashtead Common

We hadn’t been to Ashtead Common for a few years despite being not too far away. Although the day was grey, the Common was a lovely brown with the paths covered in leaves and mud. A surprisingly nice walk and a place to revisit.

A walk along the River Wey

It should have been a lovely Autumn walk along the River Wey, but today the sun was in short supply and I was a little disappointed. My walk started at Byfleet, passed over the M25 to the river, and then parallel to the motorway for a while, so initially it’s very noisy for a country walk. I doubled back after an hour and a half, continuing a bit further along the river and under a monster of a bridge carrying the motorway over the river.

Just a short walk, but it took ages to …

It was just a short walk, but it took ages to select and process the images – this us usually the case! I set off intending to capture the fog, but it had disappeared by the time I got to the park. The sky was a useless blanket of white and there was very little sunshine, which is no good for taking pictures .

Scenes from a country walk

I’ve done several variations of this circular walk from Box Hill and Westhumble station to Polesden Lacey and I know the routes without the need for a map.

I was puzzled by the horse which has what looks like a blindfold. Maybe it’s just some form of see-through protection. As for the ‘bull in field’ – there was thankfully no bull.

A lovely, sunny day with lots of clouds. Just what you want when you’re accompanied by a camera.

The pink block

We were puzzled by this extremely heavy block hanging from the branch of a sturdy tree. Anyone got any thoughts?

I’m not fond of mainly green images and this is what you get if you wander through a wood or common on a cloudy day. Time to bring out Photoshop to see what can be achieved in almost black and white.

A walk from Westhumble to Dorking

A sunny, Spring day was ideal for a short walk (4 miles?) from Westhumble to Dorking via the North Downs. I found four books in the Dorking Oxfam Bookshop, including two books on cycling even though I don’t cycle! Lunch at The Cricketers Inn on the road out of town was a very decent BLT and a Pinot Grigio.

Lost, without a book or a compass

MapReadingI’ve nothing in the to-be-read pile so I’ve dug out a to-be-studied Christmas present. I have previously looked into map and compass reading, but I’m a lazy student and didn’t get far.

I should have persevered because I once get lost on a walk. Although I knew roughly where I was, I had no idea which country lane I was on or in which direction I was heading. It was towards the end of the day and I was hungry and tired and becoming concerned by the diminishing light. What did I do? I headed back the way I came and took an alternative lane in a different direction. By chance, this was the route I was intending to take. Phew!

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