The novels of Celia Fremlin

1958 – The Hours Before Dawn; (Edgar Award for Best Novel, 1960)
1959 – Uncle Paul
1961 – Seven Lean Years (US: Wait for the Wedding)
1963 – The Trouble Makers
1964 – The Jealous One
1967 – Prisoner’s Base
1969 – Possession
1972 – Appointment with Yesterday
1975 – The Long Shadow
1977 – The Spider-Orchid
1980 – With No Crying
1982 – The Parasite Person
1990 – Listening in the Dusk
1991 – Dangerous Thoughts
1993 – The Echoing Stones
1994 – King of the World
1970 – Don’t Go to Sleep in the Dark
1974 – By Horror Haunted
1984 – A Lovely Day to Die

Kent Haruf novels (Plainsong series)

  1. Plainsong 
  2. Eventide 
  3. Benediction 

Kent Haruf (stand-alone novels)

  1. The Tie That Binds 
  2. Where You Once Belonged 
  3. Our Souls at Night 

How to Clone yourself using Premiere Elements

The novels of Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö

1. Roseanna
2. The Man Who Went Up in Smoke
3. The Man on the Balcony
4. The Laughing Policeman
5. The Fire Engine That Disappeared
6. Murder at the Savoy
7. The Abominable Man
8. The Locked Room
9. Cop Killer
10. The Terrorists

The stand-alone novels of Laura Lippman

  1. Every Secret Thing
  2. To The Power of Three
  3. What the Dead Know (Little Sister in the UK)
  4. Life Sentences
  5. I’d Know You Anywhere (Don’t Look Back in the UK)
  6. The Most Dangerous Thing
  7. And When She Was Good
  8. After I’m Gone
  9. Wilde Lake
  10. Sunburn
  11. Lady in the Lake

The Eddie Flynn novels of Steve Cavanagh

  1. The Cross (prequel novella)
  2. The Defence
  3. The Plea
  4. The Liar 
  5. Thirteen
  6. Fifty-Fifty

A cool and simple piece of CSS I’ve used in this blog

/* If there’s a header image then this code will put it just on the home page. Neat! */

body:not(.home) .header-image { display: none; }

A WordPress fix for the offset block opening images in a new tab

The feature to prevent image links opening in a new tab doesn’t work. The workaround I’ve discovered is to actually set the block to open image links in a new tab, but then to view the post in the code editor and change “_blank” to “_self” on the first line of the block. When you switch back to the visual editor you will get an error message and a button to “Attempt Block Recovery”. Clicking on this button will result in all occurrences of “_blank” in the block definition being changed to “_self”, which is what’s required.

A WordPress fix to get linked images to display full screen rather than with a black border

Enter source code editor and change all occurrences of “?w=width”. For example, delete all occurrences of “?w=870”. You can find all occurrences using Control-F to find “?w”. Annoying but it works!

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