How to Clone yourself using Premiere Elements

A cool and simple piece of CSS I’ve previously used

/* If there’s a header image then this code will put it just on the home page. Neat! */

body:not(.home) .header-image { display: none; }

A WordPress fix for the offset block opening images in a new tab

The feature to prevent image links opening in a new tab doesn’t work. The workaround I’ve discovered is to actually set the block to open image links in a new tab, but then to view the post in the code editor and change “_blank” to “_self” on the first line of the block. When you switch back to the visual editor you will get an error message and a button to “Attempt Block Recovery”. Clicking on this button will result in all occurrences of “_blank” in the block definition being changed to “_self”, which is what’s required.

A WordPress fix to get linked images to display full screen rather than with a black border

Enter source code editor and change all occurrences of “?w=width”. For example, delete all occurrences of “?w=870”. You can find all occurrences using Control-F to find “?w”. Annoying but it works!

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