Foggy, sunny, glorious Box Hill

There was thick fog when we arrived at the bottom of Box Hill but this quickly cleared as we ascended. A third of the way up we came across a group of A-Level students from Birmingham who were incredibly friendly and chatty. A case of friendly northerners – but does Birmingham count as ‘in the north’?

The Box Hill kite curse

What a great walk up Box Hill with the family and the kites, followed by a splendid lunch at the Grumpy Mole in Brockham.

Sadly the curse of Box Hill and kites has repeated, and following on from the lost kite on our last visit, this time I managed to lose one of the kite struts on our way back to the car. Yet another kite bites the dust.

A walk up Box Hill, Dorking

On a lovely, sunny day we took the steep path up Box Hill, which is not something we would normally do, and the gentle path down. It was a popular day for being at the top, with many families and cyclists enjoying the views. The cattle were nothing to be frightened of. I’ve just noticed that in the last photo not only does the animal not have a head but it also has just three legs!

Box Hill cattle poo

The fairly short but steep walk up Box Hill in Surrey is a popular walk, but I’m not sure it will remain so. There was a large amount of cattle dung on the face of the hill, which is where most people walk. We caught a glimpse of the cattle and it was hard to believe that just seven creatures could excrete so much! My guess is that there are ecological reasons for introducing the animals to this space, but I can’t say I’m a fan.

My wife noted the unreassuring use of the word “often” in the poster sentence “They have a gentle, placid nature often ignoring walkers and dogs”.