As I’ve got older I’ve become less interested in the news and I now find cursory browsing of news websites is usually sufficient. So it may seem rather odd that I had 3 newspapers to read on Saturday.

There was the i, for which I have an annual subscription; The Times, for which I have a ridiculously cheap, introductory, 3-month subscription; and The Guardian, which was a freebie from Waitrose for having spent over a tenner.

I think of myself as a natural Guardian reader but as my interest in the daily news withered, and as the price of The Guardian rose, I moved away to cheaper options – hence the cheap subscriptions to the i and The Times.

But after this weekend’s reading I realised I had missed The Guardian, its longer articles and its Saturday review and family sections. In comparison, the i and Times just seem rather insubstantial, though I do like business coverage and the jumbo crossword in The Times.

However there’s a spanner in the works regarding going back to The Guardian – it’s going tabloid in January! It will be interesting to see how this affects its quality. For the moment I have a 3-month Times subscription to work through and I’ll probably stick with the i because of its cheapness.


  1. Although I spent many years solving and twenty years setting crosswords for the Independent, The Times, and others, I have done neither, nor read a newspaper for a good five years. News got thinner and thinner, and I suspect that will happen with a tabloid Guardian


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