The Saturday Times

Well it’s taken six days but last Saturday’s Times’ crossword has finally been completed. Google was not required, just additional effort in the mornings when the brain is definitely more alert.

Saturday’s newspaper

When did Saturday’s paper stop being interesting? We’ve always bought a Saturday paper. A couple of years or so ago we switched from a lifetime reading The Guardian to The Times. But today I switched back, partly because we were getting tired of The Times. But today’s Guardian is no improvement and costs a monstrous £3.20 (The Times costs £2!).

Is it that we’re already saturated with news? We listen daily to Radio 4’s Today programme and to TV news bulletins, as well as checking out many of the newspaper sites on the Web.

Our daughter has suggested switching to a Sunday paper so maybe that’s worth a try.

I think that at my age I’ve become worn out by politics, endless tragedy, conflict and disaster. I need a rest. I need to block it all out.

Three Saturday papers seems excessive

As I’ve got older I’ve become less interested in the news and I now find cursory browsing of news websites is usually sufficient. So it may seem rather odd that I had 3 newspapers to read on Saturday.

There was the i, for which I have an annual subscription; The Times, for which I have a ridiculously cheap, introductory, 3-month subscription; and The Guardian, which was a freebie from Waitrose for having spent over a tenner.