Here’s a handy tip for spending the £10 you’ve earned by collecting 10 stamps on your Waterstones Plus reward card.

The Waterstones FAQ states the following:

“When a Plus balance is redeemed as part of a transaction, stamps will be awarded on the eligible cash balance.”

In other words, using some or all of the Waterstones Plus balance doesn’t earn reward stamps on that part of the transaction. However you can optimise the use of the Waterstones Plus card by paying cash or using a debit / credit card to pay £5 of the total bill (if less than £10) or £10 of the total bill (if £10 or more) and paying the remainder of the bill using the cash on your Waterstones Plus card. That way you earn a half-stamp (or full stamp) as normal as well as using up some of the cash you’ve earned on the Waterstones card. Every little bit helps towards being able to afford your next book purchase!

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