I hadn’t visited our local library for a good while, and this was shown to be the case when I came to use my membership card – I had been deleted due to inactivity!

Never mind, I re-joined and took out T.C.Boyle’s, The Relive Box (short stories), and Emily St.John Mandel’s, Last Night in Montreal. It’s a small library and judging by the colour of the book pages was in need of investment, though the first of the books is actually brand new. So now I’m reading new books, books from second-hand bookshops, and borrowed library books.

Today was also notable for a tentative step into the world of the smartphone. An aged iPhone passed on by our daughter has become the test bed for a move towards 21st century technology with my wife as the guinea pig. My current phone is below. Watch this space.

My current phone!

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