Last year I took out a subscription to Netflix. I can usually find enough to watch for a month but then not enough to keep the subscription going for any longer. For Christmas 2020 I reactivated the subscription, again probably just for a month.

So far I have watched and can recommend:

  • The Fear Of 13 – astonishing documentary about a man on death row
  • American Murder: The Family Next Door – fascinating documentary using social media content, text messages and police video footage
  • 22 July – brutal but honest dramatization of the massacre of 77 Norwegian teens
  • The Crown (series 4) – hilarious fabrication of the life of our royal family. The Duke of Edinburgh is my favourite!
  • The Queen’s Gambit (series) – very enjoyable tale about a young, female chess genius

With Netflix you can choose what speed to watch a film at. I’ve found it’s perfectly watchable to view at 1.25 times the normal speed and even at 1.5 times.

Watching at a faster speed means less time spent / wasted / indulged (a 60 minute episode only lasts 40 minutes at 1.5 times normal speed, whilst a 90 minute film only lasts an hour)!

Try it and save time!


  1. That really made me smile – films are meant to be watched for pleasure, why try and get them done with as soon as you possibly can?!! Elaine

    1. Hello Elaine. I would argue that the amount of pleasure is more or less the same but at less cost in time. The time saved can be used on other pleasures. I think I’ve become a bit more impatient watching things on the screen. I’m continually shouting “get on with it” at the screen! My advice is to try it, say at 1.25 times normal speed. You may not even notice the difference but you’d save 12(?) minutes of each hour’s viewing. 😁

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