It was raining when we set off for Polesden Lacey and it was raining more persistently when we arrived, but after a cake and coffee the rain gave way to sunshine. A walk around the fabulous grounds and a visit to the the second-hand bookshop (it was closed!) and we were ready to leave, just as cars were piling in for the afternoon open-air jazz concert. All pictures were taken with an inferior iPhone camera.

About this picture

My wife took this picture of me whilst we were exploring Polesden Lacy, a National Trust property in Surrey. She said she couldn’t see the top of my head and I said that’s exactly what I wanted. I had hoped the whole of my head would be hidden. The thatched roof of the hut looks like it could be a rather large hat.

Taken with my iPhone’s rubbish camera I have mucked around with the texture of the image as well as removing the colour. I like it.

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