A lovely, frosty morning. An ideal day for a long walk. The mobile café, 4 miles into my walk, was open. A bacon roll and coffee would keep me going for another 3 or 4 hours. Onwards and the narrow path was on a slope and the frost had melted making the path dangerously slippery. The soles of my boots were clogged with mud. I should have been more alert to the danger. I wasn’t and my feet went off sideways and I fell onto my right hand and thigh. Covered in mud I did what I could to clear up the mess. I was in some discomfort in my left side and back. I thought I could continue my walk but thought better of it. A 2 mile walk to a village enabled me to pick up a bus home. Several hours later I’m out of sorts and finding it painful to get out of an armchair but otherwise pain free. I wonder how I’ll be in the morning. I’m too old for falls to be a good idea. Maybe I should upgrade the boots to something with a deeper tread. Note to self – I’m no spring chicken and need to be more careful.

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