A spectacle in Brighton

I was in Brighton. A young guy calls out to me and hands me a pair of specs and then goes on his way. I’m always misplacing my specs, so I assumed I had dropped mine.

Without looking at them I spent a good 15 seconds trying to figure out how I dropped them, since I don’t use them when walking or when taking pictures. Puzzled, I looked at the specs only to realise they weren’t mine!

When I got home I thought I’d have a go at tracking down the real owner. Typing “pair of specs found in brighton” into Google turned up a link to “Lost & Found Stuff in Brighton | Gumtree communities”, and after registering with Gumtree I posted an ad as follows:

“Men’s specs found Brighton seafront Thursday, March 13th”

A couple of hours later, up pops an email, from a guy named Joe, with the message “Hi there, I lost my glasses yesterday. They’re black on the frame with vertical grey and black stripes along the arms”.


Unfortunately the specs have one of the lenses missing (for the left eye) and on telling Joe this he emailed me as follows:

“My back-up pair are missing the lens for my left eye. Maintaining and keeping my glasses is something I definitely need to work on!”

And then another email:

“Not to worry though, you can throw them away as my other pair are missing the same lens.”

So if the specs had had the left eye lens in place instead of the right, Joe would have been able to use the specs that I had to repair the spare pair he had! Hilarious!

IMGP4561[1]So I now have a quite nice £79 spectacle frame which, if fitted with the appropriate lenses, I could use for myself.

What do you think?

Misty Brighton and Hove

A thick mist descended on the Hove/Brighton seafront within minutes of my arrival and this is how it stayed for my two hour visit. According to my iPad weather app there were 8 hours of sunshine in Brighton today, but obviously not on the seafront! However the  images I took using my zoom lens (which I never use) came out pretty good, so I think I’ll repeat the experiment and take it out again.

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