Beddington Park

I took these pictures in Beddington Park on a cold, miserable and grey morning. It used to be a rather scruffy park but now it’s really quite pretty.

I accidentally took the pictures with a filter on the iPhone camera app and they came out horrible, so I deleted them. I then discovered that the iPhone allows you to undo changes and so the damage done by the filter could be reversed after un-deleting. There was still a lot of work necessary in Photoshop to enhance the colours on such a sunless day. I may have gone a bit to far with the colour enhancements – artist’s prerogative!

Glass plate prints at the library

It’s not often I visit the main library but I’m glad I did as I came across a lovely, small exhibition of glass plate portrait prints. There’s a web site about the larger collection and a full set of images can be found on a Flickr site. It’s a fascinating collection that was discovered in the basement of a shop seventy years after the plates were abandoned by the photographer David Knights-Whittome.

Cricket is back

Much to our surprise, cricket has returned to our park after an absence of something like 10 years. When we first moved here there was hockey, cricket and football being played, but only football remains, and even this seemed to be tailing off. As far as I can tell, the sports pavilion lost its changing facilities to a nursery, which may have hastened the demise of organised park matches. So it’s a pleasure to see the return of cricket – and on a cold, grey, late-April afternoon, too!