Dorking, Westcott & Surrey Hills

As well as wanting a walk, I wanted to see how I got on with lugging my DSLR around again and to see how the images compared with the iPhone. An 8 mile walk convinced me that the DSLR is just a weight I could do without (at my age). I also took iPhone pictures to compare with those of the DSLR. All the images below were taken with the iPhone apart from the first one of the the lethargic (sick?) frog and the second waterfall one (compare the thatched roof with that on the previous iPhone image). All pictures were saved and processed in raw format.

Conclusion? The DSLR will have to go – it’s just too heavy. The iPhone takes goodish images but often with a lot of noise. I need to get a replacement small camera that takes images with the quality of my dead Sony RX100, but at the same time continuing to use the iPhone just because it’s so convenient.

Cheam Village

It may be part of a London Borough but Cheam still seems like a village.

Another iPhone picture, saved in RAW format.

Sunny Scarborough

Some sunshine at last – though just for the morning!

All pictures taken with the iPhone and spruced up with the newly discovered iPad application Adobe Photoshop Express.

Bus to Pickering

Another grey day in Scarborough, hence the sixty minute bus ride to the charming market town of Pickering. The trip takes you round the houses, over country roads and through attractive villages. The village of Hutton Buscel (I call it Darcey Bussell!) is a particular favourite of mine.

I’ve become a smart person

Finally, we’ve gone over to smartphones – iPhones, no less! I just need someone to ring me.

I’ve really taken to the speech recognition capabilities, which I’ve found to be amazingly accurate. It solves the problem of entering text when small keys come up against a bloke’s fingertips.

On a rather grim afternoon I tried out the photo capabilities. It’s not up to my camera’s image quality but, with a bit of help from Photoshop, images are acceptable on a web page.